About Us

Family Owned & Operated Since 2014

Welcome to PointVoIP

Voice for your home and business - at an affordable & honest cost.

We include all taxes and fees in our service, why? Because you have the right to know what you will pay without any surprises. When you receive a quote, that's what it is, no games, no nonsense.

Why Choose PointVoIP?


You don't really see personal experiences anymore with corporations, that's why we assign dedicated account managers.

24/7/365 Live

You will get assistance when you need it - now, not hours later like many of our competitors.


We use VMWare to power our network, a proven and extremely reliable virtualization technology.

Fast Network

We have multiple carrier uplinks to our datacenter, providing you with the lowest latency and high quality HD audio calls.

A History of Reliability

Since 2014 we've maintained 99.99% up-time by using advanced monitoring technology, reliable carriers, and making sure we are using the latest and tested technology. Many of our competitors can't say that in confidence.