Get PBX Extension

This API endpoint will allow you to pull an individual extension’s information.

Base URL #


Example JSON to Get Extensions List #

    "authId": "YOUR_API_ID",
    "authKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "module": "pbx",
    "pbxId": "1234"
    "extId": "1000"

POST Parameters #

Parameter Required Description Expected Value
authId Yes Your portal authentication ID string(24)
authKey Yes Your portal authentication key string(24)
module Yes The api module you are accessing. pbx
pbxId Yes The portal PBX ID. numeric
extId Yes The PBX extension number. numeric

Example JSON Response #

    "message": "Extension data exported from cache.",
    "firstName": "Jane",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "callerId": "+15169005353",
    "lastUpdate": "2020-04-03 11:20:01",
        "address1":"329 S. OYSTER BAY RD",
        "address2":"STE 329",
        "state": "NEW YORK",
    "status": true,
    "node": "VE-NY-04",
    "executionTime": "0.0531"

JSON Response Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
message string General response message.
status boolean The status if the request was successful.
node string The ID of the cloud node this was executed on.
executionTime float The time in seconds it took to execute the API request.
number int The PBX extension number.
status boolean Returns true if the extension is registered and false if it is not.
firstName string Extension first name
lastName string Extension last name
email string Extension email address
callerId string Extension’s set outbound caller ID
e911 array Returns an array of E911 parameters, this will return a blank array if none set.
e911[subscriber] string The E911 subscriber name
e911[address1] string The E911 registered address line 1.
e911[address2] string The E911 registered address line 2.
e911[city] string The E911 registered city.
e911[state] string The E911 registered state.
e911[zip] string The E911 registered ZIP code.
e911[psapName] string The E911 associated PSAP name.
lastUpdate DATETIME The last time the record was automatically updated.