Panetta Physical Therapy keeps Long Islander’s Active, Energetic, and Lively. They needed a solution to keep their offices in Roslyn, Ronkonkoma, and Bay Shore connected.

Panetta Physical Therapy
Cloud Voice


Being that Panetta Physical Therapy had become such a thriving and dynamic business, connecting multiple offices started to pose a challenge. Some of the obstacles the team faced were, too many calls flooding into the receptionist, patients getting a busy signal, calls being routed improperly, and no after-hours routing. Both staff and patients experienced unreliable connections and quality of calls. The offices also had no way to track calls, or monitor call volume. In addition, Panetta Physical Therapy had to consider how their business was going to function in this constantly changing environment. With COVID 19, reliable communication had become more critical now than ever before.


The ultimate solution to meet all of these challenges, is a VOIP system that has the ability to link multiple business and home office locations. Panetta Physical Therapy can set up a digital receptionist to route calls to the correct department (i.e New Patient, Current Patient, Billing and Medical records.)

Important calls can be sent to an answering service automatically after hours. Calls can be tracked accurately. The business can see every single call, and how they are routed.  Another improvement for patient service is an online sip trunk. This is an enormous benefit ensuring patients never face a busy signal again.

To address the constant changes and work from home locations, a VOIP system can also make calls from home with an app or physical phone. Increased reliability also includes a cell phone app back up if the internet goes down.


The implementation of Panetta Physical Therapy’s new VOIP system was an enormous success! Each department can now focus on the patients instead of routing calls, and having connections dropped. With automatic call routing, the staff do not have to worry about rerouting calls, or taking time away from patients. It has increased staff productivity, and improved patient care.

On average, their business would have lost 5 patients a week due to calls going to Voicemail. At the end of the year that is 60 patients! That could possibly mean patients that missed care, as well as potential business lost. Fortunately, Panetta Physical Therapy is no longer missing calls, even if the internet is down, they still have their phones up and running.

Their team now has valuable information such as call tracking and real statistics that can be reviewed and used to grow the business. An example of this is, their marketing team now evaluates this data, and adjusts their marketing and communications depending on the flow of the week, how many new patients called, etc.

Panetta Physical Therapy has grown over 20% since switching to PointVoIP!